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She managed to bite back her bitter words. However, Dagan thought he would have preferred her vehemence, her righteous anger over this charged silence. They sat opposite each other; his posture stiff and still but his fingernails digging into the faux leather of the armchair while she crouched forward, rocking ever so slightly back and forth, wringing her hands together in her own chair. He noticed her hands shaking and how the tremor ran through her arms and shoulders. Shock, he thought. She's going into shock.

At the barest inch that he moved forward, she abruptly raised a hand, eyes not leaving the worn carpet below her feet. "Don't. You dare," she said, the restrained tremble in her fingers alone keeping him in place. Her voice was wrecked, words choked out of a throat that sounded too dry and over-worked. He'd have thought she'd cried herself hoarse had he not been in front of her the whole time and not seen a single tear spill from her, admittedly damp, eyes.

He sank back further into his chair, making himself as non-threatening as possible. Several more seconds of disquiet followed before a shuddery breath forced its way past her lips and she looked up through hair that hands had raked through, distressingly. "You-" The words caught in her throat and she had to cough to make them heard clearly. "You have absolutely no idea, no idea what you've done."

Once again he made to speak but she cut him off with a sterner gesture of her hand, "No, you shut up. This is not up for debate. I have to believe that you had no idea 'cos I don't want to think that anyone could be cruel enough to do what you've done to me all these years."


"NO! I swear to- to anyone out there that if you interrupt me one more time I will be out of here and will not come back. You let me say my piece and then we'll see where it goes." Even the slightest suggestion of a positive resolution to this nightmare was enough to make Dagan's mouth snap closed. He knew that whatever she was about to say would cut straight to the bone, it had every right to, but he had to physically steel himself for the blows. The result could be worth the numrous cuts and bruises to his soul.
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