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1. Which of the 7 heavenly virtues (chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, humility) do you feel you most embody and why (if humility recall that we asked first)?

How did humility even become a virtue? I mean, really. It doesn't do to be humble but when people aren't it's considered arrogance; it's absurd. But I suppose I'm avoiding the question, aren't I? It would probably be a tie for patience and diligence. Although my patience is rapidly wearing thin, I think the several thousand years that have preceded it allow me to make it a viable choice. As for diligence, it's a quality that I have always had. You need to be meticulous in this business; the slightest misstep, the smallest overlooking of a charge's documentation and you could have a crisis on your hands. They're not as fun as they sound, trust me.

2. Do you tend to consider your words carefully, or do you just say whatever is on your mind?

Depends on the scenario or who I am speaking with. Most of the time, when I am in a conversing mood, I will speak what's on my mind. I've been around for too long to watch what I say; if they don't like it then that's their issue, not mine. Anyone that knows me has come to accept doubt this is why few people engage with me. I don't tell people what they want to hear, I tell people what I think and what I know. And a lot of what I know, they won't like. Of course, when dealing with Lucifer, you must watch everything that comes out of your mouth. While he's smiling and laughing with you, he's making a mental note of everything you say and you don't want it coming back to haunt you.

3. Where would you go if you needed to feel secure, comfortable, or safe?

With a simple thought, I can travel anywhere on Earth but there are surprisingly few places that ease my mind these days. Rather than specific locations, I find a good high mountain is the best place to clear my head and sooth my tensions. Being able to rest between the vast expanse of white cloud below and blue sky above is a comforting place to be. (Despite popular beliefs, Heaven does not sit on clouds. There are no clouds to be seen, no weather at all. Also, while I'm at it, Heaven is not in the sky; it is a temporal space that has no measurable relation to Earth.)

4. How do you feel when you are in a crowd?

It's been awhile since I've been in a crowd, at least in the proper sense of the term. I'm often in the middle of hoards of people but they are completely unaware of my presence and I tend to disregard the majority of them where possible. Due to the immense area of Heaven, crowds are pretty hard to come by. I've never been one for them, anyway. If I find myself in one, I tend to slip away as soon as possible.

5. How do you feel when you are alone?

Comfortable. At ease. Some might say that I have "trust issues" but when I have someone around me, especially if it is in my personal space, I have to restrain myself from removing them somewhat forcefully. Generally, I find other people tedious and disinteresting but I have found some exceptions to the rule. It's hard to find adequate alone time in my postition, though.

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