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Fandom: Original (The Fates of Angels)
Character(s): Dagan & Elias
Words: 755
Author's Note: Again, a random scene from later on in the story...Dagan is taking Elias to see Lucifer via a gateway in the Hollywood Cemetery in Virginia. Cemeteries are crawling with souls in limbo, one of which happens to be a close, personal friend of Dagan's. 

"They are there, but they are harmless enough."
OK, so it had been a lie. But it was hardly one of the most damning lies he had told in recent times so the guilt he felt for it was more of an afterthought. Dagan knew that Elias was going to prove very useful in the coming days and was not about to say anything to scare the boy off now. If he made it through the next few hours, he had nothing to worry about but until then he was going to tread as carefully as possible.

As they marched through the deserted cemetery, Dagan saw the way Elias was shooting glances to his left and right, hands thrust deep in his pockets. It was obvious that he still wasn't completely comfortable in his presence but apparently curiosity trumped any sense of self-preservation.

Slowing their pace, Dagan half turned to address his apprentice, "I wouldn't look for them, if I were you. They're not social creatures. They've been without contact for so long that the majority of them have become somewhat hostile."

"I think the term you actually used was 'harmless'," Elias responded accusingly, eyes still darting around while his shoulders hunched in further.

"If you don't engage them or draw attention to yourself then that will certainly be the case. Just keep your eyes on me."

Grudgingly, Elias obeyed as Dagan led them through the deserted cemetery. The surety in his steps told Elias that they were headed for somewhere in particular but nothing looked out of the ordinary as far as he could see.

Something flashed in the corner of his eye and before he could think better of it, he turned his head in the direction of the light. At first he couldn't quite pinpoint what had caught his attention but then he saw it; a darting light, similar to the reflection of a watch as it flits across a wall. Except there was nothing there for anything to reflect off of, especially as the sun wasn't even visible beneath the clouds. He approached with care, hands slipping out of his pockets as he raised them in a gesture of peace. The light stilled its frantic movements to hover in front of the gravestone but despite its sudden calmness, it was giving off an irrepressible vibe of 'under threat'.

Just as Elias came to a halt in front of it, the orb transformed with a wisp into a human figure. Or what used to be a human figure. The face was so worn and distorted, almost skeletal, that he couldn't even define whether it was a man or a woman. The remains of clothing hung in shreds across rakish limbs and hair so fine it was barely visible clung stubbornly to a flaking skull. It was the eyes that made Elias lurch backwards; glazed and sunken, barely a hint of pigment left in them, they bore through him with such desperate sadness that he felt a sudden compulsion to just break down and weep.

The figure lunged for him but he was just out of reach, wrenching his arm back for good measure. He made to turn, wanting to get back on track when another figure crowded him, then another before he found himself surrounded by the tortured apparitions. All reached out for him, their frail looking limbs holding a fierce strength he wouldn't think them capable of. The sound was deafening; a constant roar of nonsensical wails and moans. Despite the fact that he couldn't identify any words, he knew they were pleas of mercy and howls of loneliness.

A firm hand grasped him by the collar, yanking him sideways but before Elias could lash out, he realised the hand was attached to Dagan who was wearing a concerned frown. Just as he took a breath to explain himself, both of Dagan's hands came up either side of his head and connected hard enough to make him black out for a split second and stumble forward.

Above the dull thudding in his ears from the sudden violent contact, he absently noticed that the wails had vanished. Straightening up, he gave a quick look around him to see that the figures had receded back to orbs, once again left to their own personal torment. He looked back at Dagan who was giving him the most phenomenally unimpressed look yet and decided to keep any excuses to himself.

They continued walking as if nothing had happened as Elias muttered to himself, "Harmless. Right."


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