Aug. 3rd, 2012

pagemistress: (dagan foster)
Fandom: Original (The Fates of Angels)
Character(s): Dagan (about Lucifer)
Words: 508

It’s impossible to “know” the Devil, he simply doesn’t exist. The devil is an entity, it isn’t corporeal or any one thing; I suppose it is more accurately described as the essence of evil. Like when people say “the devil is in the detail”, that is somewhat accurate because details are there to cause problems and chaos. This whole representation you people have of a red demon with horns, pitchfork and tail running amok in Hell? Please. There’s only one governor of the dark realms and, while he does have more than a little devil in him, he is not this cartoon caricature that you have invented. He is something much worse.

Lucifer may not bare the resemblance of any demon (unless it suits his purpose, of course) but that doesn’t make him any less terrifying. The man is beyond sociopathic; were there more like him they would need to create a more fitting term but you may thank your lucky stars that there aren’t, the term may remain simply: Lucifer.You may think that you can get to know him, he is after all very cordial; a smile here, a laugh there accompanied with comforting touches and bright, attentive eyes. But it’s all for a purpose. Lucifer never, never acts without motive, it’s carved deep in his soul (or whatever remains of it). Everything he does is to distract, to analyse, to assess…How useful might you be? Are you worth his time? Should you be allowed to leave as you came? Do you deserve a punishment for taking the liberty of merely approaching him.

I have been an acquaintance of his for many centuries but I don’t even attempt to kid myself that I have even seen the tip of the iceberg of what he is. And I don’t believe I ever want that familiarity. Every time I visit Hell, I am 98% sure that I will leave intact – mentally and physically – but that is almost enough to paralyse me every time I descend. I don’t doubt that he knows the effect that he has but he never raises it, it is unimportant to him for now. But while I may never underestimate him, he deeply underestimates me. Because when I see that smile, I see a hunter stalking its prey, when I hear that laugh it’s like nails on a chalkboard and each touch and look burns me to the core like a brand. But I know that he isn’t aware of anything beyond the fear I have for him, he feeds off it so much that he misses the respect and disgust that is also there, the contempt and desire. The ulterior motives. Because while Lucifer is an irrefutable genius, he tends to only see what he wants to see. And if you don’t meet those standards, he will go to any lengths to make it so.

So, better the devil you know? This particular one is best left well alone, because once you “know” him, he’ll want to get to know you. Intimately.


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