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Fandom: Original (The Fates of Angels)
Character(s): Lucifer-centric
Word Count: 638
Author's Note: I don't get inside Lucifer's head a whole lot in my book and this scene focuses more from Dagan and Elias' point of view in the original so I thought I'd redo it to see things through his eyes a bit more and help to have a better grasp of his character.

He clenched his fists and made an obvious effort to stamp down his temper. It was all so entertaining to watch and Lucifer didn't even bother to cover the smirk on his face, the boy wasn't paying him any attention anyhow. Dagan made a move towards him, hand reaching out to grip his arm but Lucifer intercepted, shaking his head as if reprimanding a small child for reaching for the cookie jar without permission.

They both continued to watch as Elias fought to control the sudden wave of rage that had overcome him at seeing the boy that had bullied him mercilessly at school. No doubt he thought it was some cruel coincidence but Lucifer was nothing if not resourceful. No-one quite knows the extent of his abilities (and he never had any intention of letting anyone see below the surface) but none can deny his talent for disruption with the blink of an eye. Not chaos, you understand, Lucifer can't stand disorganisation (unless he's planned it as such) but meticulously strategized snags delivered in such an innocuous way to make people wonder "why me?" Things to really tip people over the edge. It gave him such an intense thrill to cause it but cause and effect was a rare pleasure to witness and one that he wasn't about to deny himself.

Instead, they both just watch the slight tremor flit across Elias' shoulders with the tension he was exhausting to keep himself in check. The kid was good, he had to admit. But of course, he wasn't just your average angel. If he were, he wouldn't be down here in the first place, they had such a lack of curiosity, the cretins. Still, the hesitant step back was unexpected and Lucifer's eyes flashed the colour of molten gold for a brief moment before looking across at Dagan. The man looked back at him with a blank expression, one Lucifer knew he had perfected just for dealing with him. He'd be insulted but he had to admire the angel, he'd learnt the value of distrust well. He flashed his signature grin, both of them knowing that Elias' failure of this test was already a forgone conclusion, it was merely a matter of how.

Wrapping an arm around Elias' shoulder in a deceptively friendly gesture, he drew the boy closer to his adversary. "Ah, you were at school together, I understand?" Lucifer spoke in a casual tone, as if it had only just occurred to him.

Elias nodded, absently. "Billy Cranston. I didn't even know he was dead."

With a quick flick of Lucifer's wrist, Billy made eye contact with Elias and appeared to look through him with dead eyes before something appeared to ignite behind them. A sneer, so familiar and yet belonging on someone younger, rounder and more animated, spread across his lips then as he opened his mouth to address Elias. "Well, if it ain't Smelly El-"

He didn't even get to finish the moniker that Elias had been lumbered with for those 5 years, the right hook positively knocking the spark right out of him as the man went autonomously back to his eternal labour. Elias stared at his hand in shock, as if it had been momentarily possessed. Dagan had closed his eyes briefly on the impact, his posture revealing his slight disappointment despite the fact that it was inevitable. Lucifer meanwhile was refraining from clapping gleefully to himself. What a display! Certainly he reeked of purity but there was a fire in there that, with the right kind of kindling, could become something wonderfully explosive. It would need more planning, however, and now was not the time.

He snagged the wrist that Elias was still holding speculatively and hauled him down the path, followed closely by Dagan. "Come, we have much to discuss..."
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