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I thought it might be helpful to have a bit of background on the book that I'm writing, just so anyone can see if it's their sort of thing and if they have any inclination to follow it.

It tells the story of a Guardian Angel called Dagan who has been in the prodigious role for millenia now and is basically completely sick of it. He has grown to despise the people he is meant to be looking out for, angry at how they seem to get away with anything and how they can make vast choices (even going so far as to denounce God) while he is practically a prisoner in his own "vocation". When it becomes apparent to him that he cannot get out of his position by request, he decides to take matters into his own hands in a plot that involves Lucifer himself.

When Elias, a young man recently appointed GA apprentice, meets Dagan they strike up an unlikely partnership. Dagan sees him as someone with enough curiosity and stubborness to prove useful in his scheme while Elias finds his mentor fascinating and mysterious and is willing to push many boundaries to uncover his history.

Thrown into the mix are Ravon, a charge of Dagan's whom he is especially protective of for reasons unknown to any but him; Isaac, a confederate soldier who perished in the Civil War and has yet to be retrieved from limbo; Diego, a junior GA who, due to a malfunction, isn't actually quite dead yet and Erich, a remnant of Dagan's life currently residing in the darkest circle of hell.

Genre-wise, I would describe it as a fantasy thriller, I suppose. It has elements of humour throughout and is more character based, rather than plot focused.
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